Northern Monk Patrons Project part 2

Peel off label on Northern Monk Patrons Project can designs
Northern Monk brewery's patrons project can design at craftcans,ca

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Northern Monk's Patrons Project is the epitome of everything we're into here at incredible craft beer can design and delicious beer. Lets pick things up where we left off then, with some more amazing artwork from the North of England and beyond.

Each one of these stunning can designs is printed on a peel-and-reveal label which opens up to display in depth information about both the artist and the beer, as you can see above.

Patrons Project beers 5.01 and 5.02 are a pair of Light IPAs brewed in collaboration with Mountain Runner Ricky Lightfoot, featuring the photographic stylings of Tom Joy once again. Showcasing the stunning scenery of Northern England, these photographs expertly convey both the solitude of Lightfoot's pursuit and the scale of the landscapes he takes on. This is powerful work from Joy.

Jon Simmons  is the mastermind behind the can design for beer # 6.04 – HAZEMAKER. The Leeds based illustrator/creative director makes great use of metallic gold ink to bring this punchy beer to life with an explosion of hops.

Beer number 7.01 is a double dry hopped saison brewed in collaboration with Copenhagen based yeast wranglers Alefarm Brewing and featuring the photography of Esben Bøg – Jensen. Once again it’s a case of exceptional photography meets exceptional beer. And how can it not be? I got to try this beauty on a recent trip back to England and it was phenomenal. It's hard to see on a screen, but in real life those ferns have a metallic shimmer to them which adds a strong sense of depth against the dark shadows.

More recently, this unholy trio have released a 7.02 and 7.03, featuring a shimmering, dreamlike landscape with another metallic finish and a beautiful shot of a setting sun through the trees respectively. Unfortunately these two stunning cans hadn’t been released by the time I got back England, but if they’re anything like their companions, they must be tremendous.

The last can design for this feature is Northern Monk, Fieldwork and Lonely Planet’s magnificent Travel Notes. Featuring five ingredients from five continents including African mangoes, South American açaí berries, malted wheat and barley from Europe and hops from North America and Oceania, this “International IPA” was a tropical explosion. The photo montage label design tells a vibrant story that perfectly complements this fantastic beer.

I mentioned in the conclusion to part 1 that, given the chance to try these beers I would make a point of keeping the labels and sticking them up on my wall. Well, I got the chance and have acted accordingly. The Patron’s Project so far has produced some incredible beers and even more impressive can design and I couldn’t be happier that the project is still ongoing. It highlights everything we stand for at CraftCans.Ca, truly seeing the can as a canvas and elevating the design work to more than just branding.

I have no doubt that I’ll eventually be writing a part 3 to this feature so stay tuned and follow us on facebook, Instagram and twitter.